Demand Forecast 360

AI-powered platform for forecasting and strategic demand planning.

Software by Demand Planners, for Demand Planners

Static rules-based softwares like ERPs and other typical forecasting softwares are failing decision makers. They ignore too many critical factors, make poor predictions, and are too slow to respond to the constant changes in the marketplace.

No more costly errors from manually monitoring incoming sales orders. Demand Forecast 360 automatically inspects the data, identifies the key attributes, and selects right algorithms needed for forecasting. Then it trains, optimizes your custom model, and recommends actionable solutions in realtime to help you stay proactive.

Combine Demand Forecast 360 with our other supply chain platforms to help your organization stay ahead of competition.

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Increase market-driven agility with artificial intelligence

Increase market-driven agility with artificial intelligence

Anticipate customer demand using technologies such as AI and predictive analytics. Our cloud solutions leverage artificial intelligence and real-time information to create precise short and long term forecasts to help your enterprise adapt quickly to changes in the market place to increase margins and optimize inventory.