Connected Logistics

Appointment Scheduling Software That’s Built to Scale.

Automated dock scheduling

Connected Logistics is the best platform for dock management. No more emails or phone calls to find out appointment availability.

Within the Connected Logistics platform, shippers and carriers can select appointment times for pickup and delivery while creating or editing a shipment.

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Drive radical efficiencies in your warehouse

Drive radical efficiencies in your warehouse

With Connected Logistics, warehouses can see their unique data laid out in a useful and actionable format. The Dashboard provides users with a single view of insights in real-time (e.g., load information on a given day) and in aggregate over the long-term (e.g., loading times and shipment records). With access to this data and more, warehouse managers will be able to quickly indentify oppourtunities and take action to streamline their operations.

Optimize and scale

Optimize and scale

Empower your employees, benefit customers, and operate with increased visibility, focus, and agility.

Reduce employee headcount and plan future workforce allocation.

Anticipate and proactively respond to customer needs.

Invent new business models and revenue streams.

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