Unleashing Operational Efficiency by Breaking Down Data Silos

Cloudsyte Editorial

03 Jul 2020


What’s a data silo, and how do you get rid of it to bring about alignment and mitigate risk in the Supply Chain? A data silo is created when a set or source of data is accessible by one group but isolated from the rest of the company. This results in a severe lack of transparency, efficiency, and visibility within that company.
Data silos can result from systems that might not be used, or even designed, to cross-reference or add to each other. To build a truly collaborative environment, companies need to adopt purpose-built, high-quality applications that can handle quick transfers of information and cross-references. The Cloudsyte platform is built with that premise in mind.
With Cloudsyte, your company can bring together information from all parts of your supply chain, connecting all relevant data systems in a central location to provide continuous insights and empower your teams to identify risks and opportunities in real-time.
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