Top supply chain challenges consumer goods companies experience and how to overcome them

Cloudsyte Editorial

03 Jul 2020


In today's competitive business environment, it helps to have clear visibility and control over the processes that have a direct cost impact on your organization. In this post, we share the key takeaways from our recent conversations with manufacturers and the steps that can be taken to mitigate these critical supply chain risks.

1. Collaboration and organizational alignment

We are in the apparel business, and consumer tastes are changing fast. Successful product launches are, therefore, key to our success. Poor communication can negatively impact the outcome of a project and can lead to loss of revenue. As such, we must make sure that there are no barriers to collaboration both within our organizations and our supplier network. We mainly communicate through emails, phone calls, and other third-party applications. It would be great to have a solution that is integrated with our other systems to connect all stakeholders for easier collaboration around a joint project. - VP of Supply Chain at a textile company

2. Forecasting, inventory level controls, new product launches

Forecasting and balancing of inventory levels is our biggest challenge. Having too much holds capital that can be used elsewhere, whereas holding too little can lead to stock outages, which in turn leads to poor customer service and loss of brand loyalty. Additionally, there are many other factors outside our control that can adversely affect our inventory levels. These factors can range from unforeseen disruptions on the supplier production to transit delays to geopolitical issues. It would be helpful to have a system in place that can allow us to foresee such bottlenecks before they happen. - Director of Operations at a manufacturing company.

3. Visibility

We are a medium-sized manufacturing company with a lot of competition. However, we, as well as our competitors, face pretty much the same challenges - chronic lack of visibility. Data is spread across multiple disconnected systems hindering timely data-driven decisions. We manually run offline ad-hoc excel reports daily to make sense of the data, and this takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Gaining full organization visibility would enable us to foresee risks and respond to them promptly, saving the company a lot of money. We are continually looking for ways to cut costs and increase employee efficiency. Improvements in this area can help speed up innovation, boost revenues, and create an ecosystem of happy employees and customers - owner and CEO at a sports products company. 

What is the solution to these challenges?

There are multiple software solutions in the market dedicated to specific processes of supply chain, such as forecasting, procurement, logistics, and warehousing. However, based on these conversations with industry insiders, it is clear that a fragmented ecosystem works against the goals of the companies. It's imperative to have a system that unifies the entire supply chain, enabling companies to have clear visibility of planning, procurement, and logistics processes.

Cloudsyte has responded to this need by creating a unified platform that brings business units and external partners on the same page, enabling secure collaboration and teamwork. Our system offers a dynamic purchase order management and manufacturing production to enable optimized productivity and efficiency. It's now possible to track production capacity utilization and automate warehouse scheduling for better planning of resources. Furthermore, our real-time information access, combined with strategic analytics dashboards, enables faster and better data-driven decisions. The analytics hub also streamlines reporting by eliminating most of the manual work associated with supply chain operations.

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