Engage your contract manufacturers and suppliers like never before

Dickson Wambua, Ph.D. Scientist and Supply Chain Expert

24 Jan 2021


The way physical product companies engage contract manufacturers and suppliers is changing fast. As a product company, here are three questions to challenge your operations.

1. Are you still sending sensitive documents by email?

2. Are you struggling to bring your team and the supplier’s team closer together?

3. Is your data spread over multiple silos?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then your solution begins with adopting a collaborative technology that closes the gap between your teams, builds trust, and brings all data onto a single platform. 

Cloudsyte’s collaboration platform ends the era of manual and disjointed supply chain processes. The platform introduces a common workspace where supply chain teams can share data and information freely, and in real-time with contract manufacturers and suppliers. Cloudsyte helps eliminate duplicate work and increases the efficiency and speed at which supply chain teams respond to opportunities, all while reducing operational risks and cutting costs.

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