Cloudsyte launches an integrated platform to automate supply chain and drive resilience for manufacturers

Cloudsyte Editorial

03 Jul 2020


This year, Coronavirus is proving once again the need for companies to have more resilient supply chains. Disruptive events such as the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic upend global operations and leave companies scrambling as they try to work with suppliers and customers.

There have been several major crises that have shed light on how fragile global supply chains can be. The tariff war in the last two years left companies scrambling to control costs, and worth noting, the 2011 Fukushima earthquake crippled supply chains in East Asia for companies like Toyota and HP. Additionally, seasonal weather events are intensifying year after year.

There’s no excuse to be ill-prepared for the next crisis. Now more than ever, both small and large organizations need to adopt new technologies to help with top-tier supplier mapping and monitoring tools that ensure resilient operations in the face of uncertainty. This is even more important for companies whose operations span multiple countries.

Why do companies need to build a resilient and agile supply chain operation?

  • Rapidly shifting customer demands means that companies must stay agile and be able to react to changing consumer trends.
  • Just in Time (JIT) inventory has been a game-changer in the manufacturing and retail sectors. However, what makes it a gold mine, unfortunately, makes it a ticking time bomb in case of supplier disruptions. JIT inventory means that companies cannot react to significant spikes in demand or, worse, supply risks caused by internal or exogenous factors such as natural disasters, pandemics, or geopolitical unrest.

Solution to the problem

Cloudsyte offers a cloud-based supply chain automation platform to small and medium-sized manufacturers, enabling a seamless workflow for increased efficiency and cost reduction.

  • Cloudsyte’s Smart PO Management System keeps your purchasing running by providing a simple, yet robust platform built to cut PO Requisition Approval Time and purchase order management. This capability gives users critical data to make swift and informed decisions faster than ever.
  • Cloudsyte’s Supplier Portal improves vendor collaboration by automating PO approvals and periodic adjustments meant to align purchasing with strategic direction.
  • To enhance end-to-end visibility, Cloudyte Analytics offers a simple one-stop-shop for generating reports and analyses for the organization as a whole. The result is swift decision making, improved responsiveness to changes in demand, and general global supply chain synchronization.

It’s all about cost savings and productivity, and with Cloudsyte, organizations can finally build a supply chain that offers them a valuable competitive edge.

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