Our Cloudsyte Vision

Advancing Digital Supply Chain Transformation

Cloudsyte is a work management solution that brings companies and suppliers together. The platform combines data from existing ERP systems, with the flexibility of a CRM, to enable organizations to break down information silos and create a simplified view of all supply chain operations while keeping the team and stakeholders in the loop. That combination is a game-changer for organizations that haven't had a tool tailor-made for the way they work and make decisions.

Cloudsyte Values

1. Customer-centric

We are focused on developing products that make a significant impact on our customers' lives.

2. Integrity

We uphold our staff to the highest degree of honesty and moral principles.

3. Humility

We believe in equality and fairness towards our staff, our customers and other stakeholders.

4. Trailblazers

We approach every opportunity and challenge with a new perspective and pioneer attitude.

Our Cloudsyte Causes

At Cloudsyte, we are committed to building a more sustainable future for all humanity. To help us support these causes, please contact us at impact@cloudsyte.com.

1. Poverty and equality

We will continue to channel a part of our profits to organizations that foster sustainable development goals towards improving public education and eliminating poverty in our cities.

2. Climate change

Supply chain moves the world. At Cloudsyte, we are taking action and putting a part of our profits and work hours in initiatives that help protect our planet.  We are committed to building products that enable organizations to reduce manufacturing waste and advance sustainability.

Media inquiries
Media contact: Kennedy Muteti
Co-Founder & CEO
Email: k@cloudsyte.com

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