Supply Chain Collaboration and Execution for Consumer Product Companies

Cloudsyte’s collaboration platform ends the era of manual and disjointed supply chain processes. The platform introduces a common workspace where supply chain teams can share data and information freely and in real-time with suppliers and logistics providers. Cloudsyte helps eliminate duplicate work, increase the efficiency and speed at which supply chain teams respond to opportunities, all while reducing operational risks and cutting costs.

Leverage a unified platform to run your entire Supply Chain

Integrated Supplier Collaboration and Automation Solution

Procurement teams and Data Analysts can spend an average of 80% of their technical resource’s time on nonproductive data management tasks. That equates to about four days a week spent on non-value-adding tasks. Thanks to Cloudsyte’s cloud-based platform, companies can now share information with their network of suppliers and partners. During the Covid-19 crisis, many manufacturers have demanded greater visibility into their supplier’s own supply chains—a practice worth continuing. Cloudsyte offers a control tower solution that integrates data across the entire supply chain networks, creating a central source for collaboration and automation.

Purchase Order Management
Purchase Order Management

Automate purchase order management workflow.

Supplier Collaboration
Supplier Collaboration

Enhance better collaboration with suppliers.

Production Management
Production Management

Plan and control production processes efficiently.

Logistics Management
Last-Mile Logistics

Allow carriers, brokers & dispatchers to manage dock appointments online.

Business Intelligence
Supply Chain Analytics

Generate real-time dashboards for informed decisions.

Unlocking the Next Level of Procurement Innovation for Consumer Product Companies

The Cloudsyte platform acts as your supply chain control tower to helps you proactively manage order exceptions in real-time, reducing missed orders and overall expedition costs due to being alerted to potential missteps in your supply chain process and operations. The system acts as the single source of truth for each supplier purchase order so your buyers and planners can be most effective. As supply chains become increasingly connected, companies face a variety of challenges that Cloudsyte can help manage.

Manual and repetitive processes

Managing procurement and warehouse activities manually is time-consuming and costly.

Poor data quality

Leveraging available data across the organization is very difficult.

Old technology

Siloed systems increasingly put a burden on a business as it grows.

Big visibility gaps across silos

Utilizing multiple disconnected systems creates visibility gaps.

Inefficient. Fragmented. Expensive.

Leverage a Unified Solution for your
Entire Supply Chain Today

Submit and track purchase orders to suppliers with ease. Be on the know with what's going on in your production and act immediately to updates and disruptions.

  • Automated purchase order management and status tracking
  • Intuitive purchase order creation and approval
  • Real-time production updates and collaboration
  • Spend analytics by supplier
  • Multiple supplier management
  • Shipping document management
  • Supplier production capacity management
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Purchase Order Management

Centralize supply chain exceptions and speed resolution with Cloudsyte's Incident Management. Turn your supply chain disruptions into a competitive advantage.

  • Leaders can track all risk incidents to spot potential hotspots before they happen
  • Collaborate with suppliers to diffuse risk
  • Analyze root cause to prevent future problems
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Purchase Order Management

Leverage a single source of truth to analyze root causes, spot trends faster, predict outcomes, and get timely recommendations right where you work.

  • Unlock value in your existing data assets
  • Nail down recurring incidents, problem areas, and root causes for further optimization
  • Gain end-to-end operational visibility across locations and suppliers
  • Avoid shortages by realigning your constrained supply network to prioritized demand
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Purchase Order Management

Cloudsyte Last-Mile Logistics allows carriers, brokers, and dispatchers to book, update and cancel warehouse dock appointments.

  • Schedule carrier pickups and deliveries
  • Enforce carrier compliance
  • Email and text notifications based on user-defined events
  • Improve your claims process
  • Adjust staffing decisions
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Purchase Order Management

What Enhanced Visibility and Collaboration Means for your Business

Cloudsyte enables organizations to transform into digital, data-driven businesses through global synchronization and automation. The platform creates opportunities to re-engineer processes around supplier needs, deliver seamless procurement experiences and quickly adapt to changing customer demands while improving operational efficiency and managing risk.

Eliminate the "white space" between business processes
Respond to changes in demand swiftly
Facilitate global supply chain synchronization
Anticipate and resolve supply chain incidents
Access real-time reports and analytics

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